DAY 88

DAY 88, originally uploaded by Stila_Rebel.

You can be wellied…
rat arsed…

You can actually use any word in the english language and substitute it to mean drunk as a posh person.

“You had a drink last night?” “Are you joking? I was utterly gazeboed
“You planning on having a drink?” “Are you joking? I’m going to get totally and utterly car parked
“Last night should have seen me, fucking pyjama’d
“I wasn’t completely panini’d but I’d had a few”

Michael McIntyre made my day!


2 responses to “DAY 88

  • Gunnar Cortes

    I love Michael McIntyre! I spent last new years eve watching his stand-ups and laughing my ass off! 😀
    Thanks for all your comments on my PAD Stila! I really like your PAD so it’s very inspiring to read your comments 🙂

    -Gunnar (

  • Stila

    Hey Gunnar, thanks so much for visiting my blog!!
    Michael McIntyre is definitely one of my favourite comedians 🙂


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