DAY 25

DAY 25, originally uploaded by Stila_Rebel.

[6th photo for the weekly theme “a week in the glass ball”]


I saw a picture today. One of mine.
I didn’t expect it. It came all of a sudden, while I was absent-mindedly remembering sounds, voices, smells, tastes.
A piercing pain, right here, you won’t believe it but I couldn’t breathe. Give me your hand, I’m sure that if you touch my chest you’re going to feel it too..I have to go back, Tokyo.
damn, this is so abunai.
Lady CANON Powershot SX20 IS
Shutter speed 1/20 s
ISO 800 (too much!)
p.s.: maybe not the best photo ever, but I’m always proud when I can turn my feelings into a picture 😉

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